SmartScape Articles

New Way to Browse the Database!

  • December 2013

By popular request, we have created an index of all the plants in our plant database. You can now browse and sort by common name, botanical name, and plant type....

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Fall is Here, Cut Back Your Watering

  • October 2013

Fall is here! That means cooler weather, leaves turning color, sweaters, and pumpkin flavored everything. But that also means that you should cut back your watering schedule....

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Ecological Benefits of SmartScape

  • September 2013

By selecting native and adaptive plants, you should not need to apply pesticides or fertilizer to your yard or garden to keep it lush and green. Other than the obvious money and time savings, why is t...

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FREE Water-Wise Seminars in Dallas

  • August 2013

Dallas Water Utilities Conservation, the City of Dallas Stormwater Management, and Mountain View College are hosting free seminars on Water-Wise landscaping and plant selection Saturday, September 21s...

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Save Water and Save Money

  • July 2013

With the drought here in North Texas it is extremely important to conserve water. The mantra has been twice a week or less, one inch of water a week - but did you know that that includes rainfall?...

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Attend a SmartScape Event

  • April 2013

The purpose of Texas SmartScape is to promote the ecological, economic, and aesthetic benefits of using landscaping plants, flowers, shurbs, grasses, and trees that are native or adapted to our region...

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Plant Native

  • February 2013

This march marked the 12th annual "March is Texas SmartScape Month." SmartScape Month is a regionally coordinated effort to promote the water conservation, pollution prevention, recycling, composting,...

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Welcome to our new site!

  • January 2013

The original Texas SmartScape™ website was designed in 2003 and was adapted from a CD-ROM program that was produced in 2001. The internet has changed quite a bit since then and the old website b...

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