SmartScape Articles

Mowing Frequency

  • August 2014

The weather, overall health of your turf grass, and soil will greatly affect the speed in which your grass grows. Lots of rain means your grass will need to be mowed more often....

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Texas SmartScape Digital Magazine

  • April 2014

Staff and SmartScape participant communities have been hard at work creating Texas SmartScape’s first digital magazine. This 33 page magazine highlights a few of our favorite plants in a fun and inter...

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Give Water the Boot, Plant Texas Roots!

  • March 2014

SmartScape Month is a regionally coordinated effort to promote the water conservation, pollution prevention, recycling, composting, and waste reduction principles of Texas SmartScape....

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Texas SmartScape Plant Sale!

  • February 2014

Texas SmartScape has teamed up with The Home Depot, Weston Gardens, and our member cities in the DFW Area to bring you savings on Native Texas Plants!...

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SmartScape for the Winter

  • January 2014

Happy New Year! 2014 is looking bright and we have some big things planned for SmartScape this year. So check back often for updates of events occurring around North Central Texas this spring....

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