Give Water the Boot, Plant Texas Roots!


Give Water the Boot, Plant Texas Roots!

March is Texas SmartScape Month

North Texas Residents, keep an eye out for this year’s “Give Water the Boot, Plant Texas Roots!” SmartScape flyer in your water bill.

This march marks the 13th annual “March is Texas SmartScape Month.” SmartScape Month is a regionally coordinated effort to promote the water conservation, pollution prevention, recycling, composting, and waste reduction principles of Texas SmartScape. SmartScape approved plants are native and adapted to the Texas climate and need less water and fertilizer to thrive in the intense heat of Texas summers. In addition, the Texas SmartScape program encourages proper design, care, and maintenance techniques to better protect the environment. Since March is an active month for landscaping, this is an excellent time to give water the boot and make your yard a SmartScape yard by planting native and adapted plants.

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