Texas SmartScape Digital Magazine


Texas SmartScape Digital Magazine

Texas SmartScape Lineup, your 2014 showcase selection for DFW

Staff and SmartScape participant communities have been hard at work creating Texas SmartScape’s first digital magazine. This 33 page magazine highlights a few of our favorite plants in a fun and interesting way. This isn’t your usual, boring, botanical name and basic information. This magazine is packed full of beautiful images, and each plant tells its own story - and it is our hope that you are inspired to tell your own story with native Texas plants in your garden at home.

Please feel free to download, link to, share, post, read out loud to anyone passing by. We just want to get the word out about the water conservation and stormwater quality benefits of using native plants that require less water and maintenance while still providing a beautiful landscape.

Check it out! http://digital.turn-page.com/i/280318

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