Stop Wasting Money, The Street Will Never Grow!


Stop Wasting Money, The Street Will Never Grow!

We are officially in the fall season. The temperatures have come down to a more pleasant level and that means that your lawn no longer needs as heavy a watering schedule as it did through the summer. In the midst of our busy lives, many times people forget that they need to adjust their automatic sprinklers with the season.  If you are watering the same now as you were in July, you are wasting our limited water supply and your hard earned money by sending it down the street.

As temperatures drop and days become shorter, plant growth slows down as well. Slower plant growth means they require less water. Evaporation rates are also much lower, which means the soil retains moisture longer. These factors combined with the fact that we typically see a little more rain in the fall mean you should reduce the time and frequency of your watering. Throughout the fall, you should reduce your watering by about half. Keep an eye on your lawn and make sure you aren’t watering to the point of water running off your lawn into the street.  If the top four inches of your soil is damp, you don’t need to water. Remember, plant roots need time to breathe between waterings - keeping the soil too wet all the time opens the door to disease.

For more information, check out our Watering & Conservation Guide, or our Guide to Watering Methods. Also, if you would like some fall color, check out our plant database and set the blooming field to “fall.” On the details page for each plant is the Plant Timeline that shows how long and when the plant is in bloom.

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