Yes, Twice a Week IS Enough!


Yes, Twice a Week IS Enough!

Fact: It gets hot in Texas.
Fact: Even in 100+ degree heat, twice a week watering will keep your plants healthy.

While twice a week is a good rule of thumb, if you water correctly, you may not even need to water that much. By only watering when your lawn needs it, and watering deeply when you do, you will help build strong, deep roots that are able to support the plant even in drought conditions.

It is also important to pay attention to how much you are watering and tailor your watering methods to your soil conditions. Don’t let the water run into the street because nothing will ever grow there, it’s wasteful, and it will cost you money on your water bill (unless you like throwing money away).

Check out our watering section for more information about proper watering techniques. Also, browse our plant database to find plants, shrubs, and trees that once established will require little to no supplemental watering at all.

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