7 Steps to a Smart Yard


7 Steps to a Smart Yard

No matter what point you are starting from, you can add ease, comfort, and enjoyment to your yard or garden by using native and adapted plants.

  1. Plan and Design - Start with the end in mind
  2. Reduce Turf – Less means More
  3. Soil – Organic matter is key
  4. Planting – Right Plant, Right Place
  5. Mulch – About 3 inches around beds and trees
  6. Water-Wise - Efficient irrigation will save you money
  7. Maintenance - Avoid excessive pruning

Check out our 7 Steps to a Smart Yard flyer to learn more about creating a beautiful landscape that requires less water and maintenance than a "traditional" yard. Or visit our Design Tools section. If you would like to learn in person, check out our events page to find a class near you.

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