Soil, Water, Plants


Soil, Water, Plants

Soil, Water, Plants. Balancing those three factors will help ensure protection of the environment by reducing the amount of water, fertilizer, and pesticides needed to maintain your landscape. Modelling your outside landscape to match Mother Nature is known as biomimicry. Mimicking nature and biological processes helps close the gap between the needed maintenance and intervention required to keep everything alive and looking beautiful.

Soil – The most common soil type in North Texas is clay. This type of soil feels smooth and sticky in your hands when you mix it with water. Clay soils do not typically absorb water quickly so watering slowly or in intervals is key to preventing runoff. Incorporating compost into clay soils can greatly increase its ability to soak up and hold onto water.

Water – The average annual precipitation in DFW is 35.65” categorizing the region as a humid subtropical climate. SmartScape promoted plants are native to this climate and once established can thrive with little to no additional watering.

Plants – Check out our newly updated plant list of over 450 plants that are native or adaptive to the Dallas-Fort Worth region. A new feature we added is the ability to search by landscape use! Try it out and start planning your SmartScape garden!

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