Winter Watering Tips


Winter Watering Tips

Though precipitation in the winter months is substantially lower than the spring and fall peaks, the combined effects of cool weather and dormant plants results in much lower watering needs. Cool weather reduces your yard’s water demand by decreasing the overall amount of evapotranspiration from plants’ leaves and from soil. Many plants are also less active during the cooler months, which means they are not taking up as much as water as during the growing season.

Even so, many SmartScape plants do still need to be monitored and watered occasionally throughout the winter. If it hasn’t rained in a few weeks, it might be time to check your soil. Most yards—especially SmartScape yards—do not need to be on a regular watering schedule, but homeowners should keep an eye on soil moisture and provide supplemental water accordingly.

To better preserve soil moisture and keep your soil warm, consider mulching. Mulch creates a barrier than impedes evaporation from soil and retains the topsoil’s warmth against the cold air. Another way to protect plant roots is to water before a hard freeze. Because water cools much slower than air, the water in the soil actually insulates plant roots against the cold.

Wise winter watering will save you money and help your SmartScape thrive!