Indiangrass Details


  • Botanical Name: Sorghastrum nutans
  • Plant Type: Ornamental Grass
  • Light Requirement: Full Sun
  • Water Demand: Medium
  • Landscape Use: Deer Resistant, Erosion Control
  • Ornamental Value: Gold, Yellow
  • Native/Adapted: Native
  • Wildlife Value: Birds, Butterflies
  • Season: Fall
  • Deciduous/Evergreen: Deciduous
  • Plant Form: Upright
  • Plant Spread: 4' - 6'
  • Plant Height: 3' - 8'


This gorgeous grass is a major component of tallgrass prairies. Striking accent plant or member of pocket tallgrass prairie. Heads are a deep yellow, feather-shaped tassel in the fall. Dramatic winter accent. Does well in naturally moisture-rich swale areas. Warm-season perennial. Aggressive from rhizomes.

Indiangrass Photos