Mesquite Details


  • Botanical Name: Prosopis glandulosa
  • Plant Type: Ornamental Tree
  • Light Requirement: Full Sun
  • Water Demand: Low
  • Landscape Use: Screen - Physical (e.g., barriers), Shade Provider
  • Ornamental Value: White
  • Native/Adapted: Native
  • Wildlife Value: Birds
  • Season: Spring
  • Deciduous/Evergreen: Deciduous
  • Plant Form: Spreading
  • Plant Spread: 30'
  • Plant Height: 25'


A small, handsome tree that works well in a small yard. Limb it up (otherwise known as selective pruning) to show off its multiple twisting trunks. Its twice-pinnately compound leaves give the tree a light, airy appearance; provide dappled shade; and allow enough light through to let grass grow.

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