Prairie Flameleaf Sumac Details

Prairie Flameleaf Sumac

  • Also Known As: Prairie Sumac, Texas Sumac, Lance-Leaved Sumac, Tree Sumac, Limestone Sumac, Prairie Shining Sumac
  • Botanical Name: Rhus lanceolata
  • Plant Type: Ornamental Tree
  • Light Requirement: Full Sun
  • Water Demand: Low
  • Landscape Use: Screen - Physical (e.g., barriers), Border - Edge
  • Ornamental Value: Yellow-Green, Red, Orange
  • Native/Adapted: Native
  • Wildlife Value: Birds, Butterflies
  • Season: Summer, Fall, Winter
  • Deciduous/Evergreen: Deciduous
  • Plant Form: Spreading, Upright
  • Plant Spread: 20'
  • Plant Height: 15' - 20'


Birds, especially bobwhites, grouse, and pheasants, consume the fruit in winter, and deer browse the foliage. Its leaves are vivid red in the fall. Extremely heat and drought tolerant. Virtually disease free.

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