North Central Texas Smartscape

Texas SmartScape™ utilizes xeriscape principles, but goes beyond the basics by providing design, care, and plant search tools that are "Smart" for North Central Texas. Learn more...

This Program Will Show You How To

Conserve water and save $Money$ on your water bills; beautify your home and local environment; attract native butterflies, hummingbirds and other wildlife; and prevent / help reduce storm water pollution!

Texas SmartScape 2014 Plant Fair and Sale!

TX SmartScape Plant Fair and Sale

Texas SmartScape has teamed up with The Home Depot, Weston Gardens, and our member cities in the DFW Area to bring you savings on Native Texas Plants and fun for the whole family!

Click here for Locations, Times, Events, Plants for Sale, and more info. (Free to attend)

Photos from the events.

>>>>Weston Gardens (South Fort Worth), Plano, and Southlake Plant Fairs This Saturday! (April 24th 8am-12pm)<<<<


Texas SmartScape Digital Magazine

Texas SmartScape Digital Magazine

Texas SmartScape Lineup, your 2014 showcase selection for DFW

Staff and SmartScape participant communities have been hard at work creating Texas SmartScape’s first digital magazine. This 33 page magazine highlights a few of our favorite plants in a fun and interesting way. This isn’t your usual, boring, botanical name and basic information. This magazine is packed full of beautiful images, and each plant tells its own story - and it is our hope that you are inspired to tell your own story with native Texas plants in your garden at home.

Please feel free to download, link to, share, post, read out loud to anyone passing by! We just want to get the word out about the water conservation and stormwater quality benefits of using native plants that require less water and maintenance while still providing a beautiful landscape.

Check it out!

Give Water the Boot, Plant Texas Roots!

Give Water the Boot, Plant Texas Roots!

March is Texas SmartScape Month!

North Texas Residents, keep an eye out for this year’s “Give Water the Boot, Plant Texas Roots!” SmartScape flyer in your water bill.

This march marks the 13th annual “March is Texas SmartScape Month.” SmartScape Month is a regionally coordinated effort to promote the water conservation, pollution prevention, recycling, composting, and waste reduction principles of Texas SmartScape. SmartScape approved plants are native and adapted to the Texas climate and need less water and fertilizer to thrive in the intense heat of Texas summers. In addition, the Texas SmartScape program encourages proper design, care, and maintenance techniques to better protect the environment. Since March is an active month for landscaping, this is an excellent time to give water the boot and make your yard a SmartScape yard by planting native and adapted plants.

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New Way to Browse the Database!

SmartScape Plants attract beneficial insects

By popular request, we have created an index of all the plants in our plant database. You can now browse and sort by common name, botanical name, and plant type. For the more advanced users this will be helpful for you to compare the botanical name with the common name of the plants we promote. If you are trying to look up a specific plant, this view may also be helpful to you.

Go ahead and give it a try.

Of course if you would like, you can still browse the SmartScape plant database by using our search function.

Please remember that this is not an exhaustive list of plants that grow in Texas, but is a list of heat and drought tolerant plants that will thrive in our climate. The ultimate goal is to conserve local water supplies and improve storm water runoff quality by reducing the amount of water needed to maintain landscapes while decreasing the amounts of pesticide, fertilizer and herbicides used in landscaping practices - all the while creating beautiful landscapes that will make your neighbors jealous.

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