About Texas SmartScape

Through the Texas SmartScape™ program, North Central Texas and West Texas municipalities are teaching residents how to create beautiful landscapes that will survive the rains of spring, droughts of summer, and cold snaps of winter, while also protecting our water resources.

Texas SmartScape is a landscape program crafted to be "smart" for Texas. Supported by the North Central Texas Council of Government's Regional Stormwater Management Program, local governments, and regional water districts, the program is especially focused on North Central Texas.

Based on water-efficient landscape principles, Texas SmartScape promotes the use of plants suited to our region's soil, climate, and precipitation that don't require much—if any—additional irrigation, pesticides, fertilizer, or herbicides to thrive.

The two main goals of the program:

  • To help residents conserve water by teaching them to use water-efficient landscaping practices such as drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting, mulching, and selecting plants that require less water.
  • Improve stormwater runoff quality by implementing water-efficient practices and selecting landscaping plants that are native or adapted to our regional soil, climate, and precipitation.


For more information, including municipal resources, visit: www.nctcog.org/txsmartscape



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