No Need to Water When it Rains


No Need to Water When it Rains

Not running your sprinklers the day after it rains, or even during a rain storm seems like a no brainer, but it happens more often than you think.  When it comes to automatic sprinkler systems, so many people just set it and forget it. The result is simply a waste of money and precious resources as hundreds of gallons of water just runs down the street.

In the fall, temperatures cool off and we get a lot more rain in North Texas which means your lawn will slow its growth and will require less (or no) supplemental watering. It is a good time to reduce your sprinkler frequency and runtime as well as check to make sure your rain sensor is working properly. You shouldn’t need to water your lawn if it has rained in the past week or you may want to hold off watering if it is going to rain in the next day or so.  Learn more about watering techniques in our watering section.

Other great resources that can help you figure out how much--if any--water to provide your landscape include Water My Yard, the Texas ET Network, and the Lawn Whisperer.

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