Wildflowers in North Texas


Wildflowers in North Texas

Wildflower season, the most spectacular of all seasons in Texas, is finally upon us. The month of April is usually peak season in North Central Texas for our most iconic flowers, but the blooms will continue into the summer. Firewheels and Mexican Hats will emerge as the Bluebonnets fade, succeeded by sunflowers, Texas Bluebells, and many others.

The Hill Country region typically receives the most recognition for its springtime grandeur, but North Central Texas also has plenty in the way of wildflower offerings. In the Cross Timbers part of the region, from the Tarrant-Dallas line westward, there are slices of habitat akin to the Hill Country that produce similar displays of color. The Blackland Prairie, in the eastern half of the region, supports many of the popular flowers in addition to some unique endemic species.

Here we’ve included a few promising wildflower viewing opportunities in and around North Central Texas:

If you’re looking for photo ops, always remember to be aware of your surroundings: don’t stop your car anywhere unsafe, be sure not to trespass on private land, and take care not to damage the wildflowers.

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